Overview - Return to Archery - Covid-19

The information you find here will help you set up safety during the Covid-19 Restrictions. To protect you and your fellow archers, please stay within these guidelines. Please read all the guidelines as they will impact on your safe and enjoyable Archery.

If You Are Not Well - Please Do Not Come to Archery

Please Stay Alert to any symptoms that you may have. We are all working together to Control the Virus and ensure that we Save Lives.

Do not attend if you show any symptoms of Covid-19 and remain at home for at least 7 days if you do, or at least 14 days if any of your household do.

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms after being at archery please inform us, by clicking here.

Questionnaire for and Pre-Booking Your Archery Session

You will need to book your archery session. You will only be able to do this if you have completed our Health and Safety Questionnaire: here.

Once your Questionnaire is completed you will be sent a link to our booking system. This a manual process so please give us time and do check your spam box if you don't receive your link within 2 working days. If you don't receive your link please email us here.

Arrival and Parking

Please ensure that you arrive for your archery session no more than 5 minutes prior to the session starting. Whilst we know we are a sociable Archery Club, during the restrictions we ask that you also leave straight after you have finished shooting.

All Set Up And Ready To Shoot.

Once you have found a lane you can use and set up your equipment, please use the Sanitiser Gel you will find in the Shooting Shed, to clean your hands prior to shooting.

Remember that whilst you are on-site that you stay at least two metres apart at all times.

Your Shooting, Your Equipment and Your Lanes

We have positioned the bosses at distances that we feel suit many people. We would prefer that you do not move the targets unless this is absolutely necessary. We, do ask however, that if you do find yourself needing to move a target then immediately following this you gain sanitise your hands with the Gel we have provided. If you feel you would like to bring your own Gel, we encourage this.

We have set up the Archery Range into lanes. You are required to shoot along these lanes. They are marked with a single line that passes under the target you are shooting at. If you are shooting on a Household Priority Lane that has been designed wider and has two targets on it, you will notice that the targets are connected by one leg to the lane-line. In order to save space on the range, please remain in your Household groups whilst you are on the range. Please do not split up over several lanes as the space we have available for shooting is limited.

Please ensure that the targets always remain either directly over the lane-line or in the case of Household Priority Lanes, the left of the right hand legs; dependent on what side the target is to the line. See photographs below.

Use only your own equipment or equipment that has come from the same household. Always stay at least two metres away from Archers not from your own household.

Our Archery Range - What it Looks Like

Click or Touch Images to Expand

You will see from this first image that the range has been painted with the lane-lines. Please shoot along the lane-lines.

A Single Household Shooting at Different or Same Distances

A Solitary Archer or Single Household Shooting at Same Distance Only

Hatching Denotes No Person Zones

You Will Find Sanitiser Behind Each Boss and Gel for your Hands in the Shooting Shed

No Gel, No Shooting (Please don't take this home - many people will go without Archery if you do).

No Sanitiser, No Shooting (Please don't take this home - many people will go without Archery if you do).

You Will Find Faces in the Shooting Shed and Target Pins Also

Please take only four (4) pins per face that you use with two spares per household - that way we all have enough to go around.